Just Registered for the ATA Certification Exam – GASP!

Well, I took the leap. I registered to attempt the ATA Certification Exam again in June. The last time I tried taking it, I failed miserably. So, this time, I am doing things differently now that I know what to expect.

Step 1: Submit my practice exam this week. I did this the last time, but I didn’t get the feedback returned in time to be able to learn from my mistakes before taking the exam.

Step 2: Attend a certification workshop to learn tips and techniques to increase my chances of passing this time. Learning what others have done to pass will be invaluable advice and crucial to helping me pass.

Step 3: Practice, practice, practice! Over the next few months, I plan to practice translating texts from the fields typically seen on the test. I am a medical translator, so this will be a challenge for me since I mainly focus on that specialization, which is not tested on the exam.

Step 4: Take care of myself in the weeks leading up to the exam. Nothing sets you up for failure more than stress. So, to combat that, I plan to continue my normal routine as much as possible (eating well, sleeping well, and exercising) and trying my best not to get too anxious and nervous.

Step 5: Enjoy the option of taking the computerized version of the exam this time with the availability of online resources. Previously, the exam was handwritten and I had to rely on paper dictionaries, which these days, is quite archaic, so I am looking forward to this option.

Not going to lie. I’m already nervous, but if I follow these steps, I can set myself up for the best possible outcome.

For more information about the ATA Certification Exam, see: http://www.atanet.org/certification/index.php

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Freelance Spanish-English Translator with over 20 years of experience.
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