Hiring a translator is not an easy decision. How do you know the person you are hiring is qualified to translate? How can you assess their language skills? Is the expense worth it if a friend, family member, or colleague knows Spanish and you can ask them to translate the document at a cheaper cost? Why not just use Google Translate?

Let’s think about this: when you are sick, do you rely on Google searches or your friends and family for an accurate diagnosis? When you have a legal matter, is that neighbor the best person to represent you in court? When you board that flight, is that pilot-in-training who you want flying that aircraft? Of course not. You want professionals for these jobs and so, you want a professional for your translation services, too.

Hiring a professional translator affords you the confidence in knowing you have an expert handling potentially confidential or highly specialized documents. With my certification in translation and my experience in translating hand-written medical documents, vital statistics certificates, educational and academic records, and confidential government forms, you can rest easy knowing that I will translate your documents professionally and accurately. I strive to match the source document formatting as closely as possible so that finished document mirrors the source document. In addition, human translators catch nuances that machine translators, such as Google Translate, miss. And, for medical documents, that could mean the difference between life and death.

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For a comprehensive guide on hiring professional translation services, take some time to review ATA’s brochure, Getting it Right.